Ride Day Information

Check in and day-of registration starts at 6:30 am.  A bike corral will be set up.

The ride starts and ends at Hugo City Hall/ Lions Park located at 14669 Fitzgerald Avenue North.  Enter the vehicle parking area from 146th Street North and Highway 61 only.  Follow parking signs and attendants.  There is no parking entrance from 147th Street. 

You must start with your route wave time as rest stops are timed to close down after riders go through.  Please allow enough time to register and set up your bike prior to your route depart time.  

Route Departure Schedule

7:00 am     Metric Century ( 62.2 Miles)

8:00 am     Half Century (50 Miles)

8:30 am     City 6 Mile

8:45 am     35 Mile

9:00 am     20 Mile

Kids Party 9:30 am to 10:30 am

After Party  11:00 am​ - 2:00 pm

All riders must wear helmets.  

Follow the links at the left to find route maps provided through bikemap.net.  Print maps or download GPX or KML files for each of the routes.