Safety and Rules

1.     Obey ALL traffic laws - ALL the time!

2.     Stop at stop signs - even when no one else is around!

3.     Don't ride beyond your ability. You do not have to keep up with the "pack."

4.     Make sure your bike is in good, safe condition for riding - BEFORE the ride.

5.     Personal Listening Devices (mp3 players, iPods, bluetooth earbuds, headphones, etc.) are not allowed. 

6.     Know which brake handle is for your rear brake. Use more braking force on your rear brake - Do not use only your front brake.

7.     Ride no more than 2 abreast.  Plan to ride single file for the majority of the ride. 

8.     Ride as far to the right as safe and practical. On a two-lane road, block a lane ONLY if that is the only safe way to proceed. Then, clear the lane. 

9.     Communicate to other riders by loudly saying - car back, on your left, stopping, slowing, pothole, sand, glass, right turn, left turn, etc.

10.   Communicate with hand signals for turning, stopping, road hazards, etc.

11.   Wear a properly fitted and fastened helmet.

12.   Most important- have fun!